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Misty Linn was inspired to get into real estate after a friend asked her to visit a few open houses. From the get-go, Misty was hooked and began attending as a hobby. With a 16-year career transaction volume of $194 million and a long list of awards, that hobby has clearly evolved. As the founder of the largest LGBTQ-owned real estate company in Columbus for 2021 and 2022, Misty has created an inclusive space for all her clients, and she cares to ensure that its positive impact lasts well into the future.
At first glance, Misty may appear like the serious business type. But just beneath the surface, you’ll see that while she expertly takes care of business, the laughs and good times never cease. With a strong passion for helping others, Misty guides clients throughout the entire real estate process — and beyond. For seasoned investors and fellow flippers, she provides high-touch design services that tackle everything from development to interior design. But she’s equally enthusiastic about helping first-timers. On top of teaching them how to save money, she works to shift their mindsets to view real estate as an investment — both a home and a source of financial gain.
Since 2006, Misty has combined her welcoming nature and her love of real estate to help buyers, sellers, and investors reach their goals in Columbus and the surrounding markets. No matter her client’s goals, Misty is ever-present, maintaining an open line of communication to field questions and manage concerns. After internalizing their needs, she empowers clients with the knowledge, tools, and personalized support necessary for them to find peak success. And on closing day, Misty always takes time to curate a celebratory experience worth remembering.
In addition to being a mentor in the real estate sphere, Misty counts herself as a business coach who has helped multiple friends bring visions of ventures to life. She also has a mentorship program, Link, which joins together like-minded entrepreneurs (primarily women) to network, learn about finances and investments, scale, and grow with each other. Outside the office, Misty enjoys traveling and visiting new places, admiring the ocean, and overseeing District West, an inclusive show bar she owns in downtown Columbus.

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